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Friday, August 7, 2009 0:18


The heart of today’s new thought really isn’t new at all.
While researching literary works of the past
To gain a broader perspective of “The Law of Attraction”,
I happened upon the wonderful work of Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
                          “The Heart of New Thought”.
It is clear to me that though almost 100 years have passed, those concepts we call new have always been. They are simply there, waiting for us to awaken to their reality.
The following are excerpts I highlighted from that text:
“Our thoughts are shaping unmade spheres,
 And, like a blessing or a curse,
 They thunder down the formless years
 And ring throughout the universe”
“The more we realize the tremendous responsibility of our mental emanations the better for the world and ourselves”
“If a man thinks sickness, poverty and misfortune, he will meet them and claim them all eventually as his own”
“Whatever is out of harmony in our little world has been caused by man’s substituting hate and fear for love and faith”
“Every time we allow either hate or fear to dominate our minds   we disarrange the order of the universe and make trouble for humanity, and ourselves”
“It may be a little late in reaching us, but it is sure to come back to the MIND which sent forth the cause”
“Every time we entertain thoughts of love, sympathy, forgiveness          and faith we add to the well-being of the world, and create    fortunate and successful conditions for ourselves”
“Those, too, may be late in coming to us~
Think success, prosperity, usefulness.
It is much more profitable than thinking self-destruction”


Tuesday, March 17, 2009 21:08


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