Hi my name is Kathryn, or so they tell me……..

My mother named me after her best friend in high school,            a beautiful, red headed Irish girl.

The Facts: 5′9" average build blonde of reasonably sound health in body, mind and spirit. I have hazel eyes that run the full gamut of color range from bright blue to vibrant green, depending on my inner state and sometimes the choice of the color of my clothes. I am one of those blessed people who’s whole face lights up when they SMILE !

At the very essence of me, I simply AM, and words cannot describe what that means.

It is an experience you must come to on your own.

In regards to my personality traits,that make up the many me’s of me, I can only say………….

There are many me’s in me and even I am never quite sure which one you will get when you interact with me.

I do know after many years of interactions, I am a mirror to who you are.

At the moment, most are referring to me as Kat, I like it, it feels good. 

Among many other labels, I am a dreamer, a creator, a guide, a photographer,            a philosopher, & a friend.


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