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Clause D. Jensen, is a master composer and gifted musician.

 "Music for Mother & Child" is a CD~series with unique music especially composed and designed to create a relaxing and peaceful atmoshphere for babies in the womb, infants, toddlers and parents.

Originally designed with the above in mind, many of us have found that everyone can benefit from his music.

An empty-nester myself, this music fills my home on a daily basis. From the first note played, the sense of peace and tranquility it invokes is amazing.


Velma Gallant aka. The Queen of Joy,

Velma is the hostess for www.welcomechangesradio.com.

Live shows air every Tuesday.

Her shows are centered around Tools & Insights from World Change Leaders.

She is an author, speaker, coach and her products can help you welcome change.

Two of her products that I have found extremely useful are: The Joy Journal Audio Program, and her book "Juicy Bites of Welcome Changes.

When you visit her site, take the time to watch her "Wake Up To Change Movie". (it is a powerful & thought provoking 2 minutes) Two minutes of your time that may change your life.

Be sure to sign up for her newsletter. It’s full of insights & tips tonot only welcome changes, but to create them.


Kathy Griffiths aka. Insightful Nana,

I~Nana’s website is chock full of Ideas, Tips & How To’s…

If your looking for that super recipe, crafts to do with your kids, gift ideas for family &  friends and more, you will want to visit.   (often)   

Her videos are some of the best I have ever seen. Insightful is truly what she is and it shows in everything that she does.  She has practical guides available in e-book format, with many more on the way.


Capt’n Rob……what can I say………

This is the entrepreneurial genius in our circle of freinds.

Rob and his family live on a sailboat, a life many of us can only dream of…..

On Rob’s site, you can learn the tools & techniques to live life on your terms. Where ever you choose to live, Rob can teach you to create a self~reliant lifestyle.~~a lifestyle full of fun. Whether it’s creating a pay-pal button or building your website, Rob has many wonderful products and personalized coaching services.

www.lifeteambuilders.blogspot.com & www.visuallyinspired.wordpress.com

Karen Kay aka. KK,

is truly the gifted writer in our circle of friends.

Team Building Blog is designed for leaders and those who wish to be…KK starts it out by telling us that when we put our heads together, we can accomplish much more than we can apart. She shows us through her writings how we can share knowledge & support each other.

On her visually inspired blog, she combines the talents of photography &  poetry to touch our hearts and our souls.

Stay tuned as KK, Clause & I bring you a new way to experience guided meditation.


Tamra Veilleux (My friend),

teacher, healer, artist…..outside of the ordinary.

Tam is changing the world….one person at a time.

Tam offers inspirational designs that include hidden messages, Universal Law, affirmations and wit.

Tam’s plans to reach out and touch our children in a way that will be nothing short of amazing Go Tam~you are such a gift to the world.

Tam’s mixed media art creations are also available at www.zazzle.com/tamrav*


Thomas Sherwood aka. Trapper,

Trapper has created "The Sleep Secret Audio" & an e-book companion guide.

We all know how important it is to our health & well being to get proper rest. Stress, insomnia, etc. What ever the source of your sleepless nights, this product will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.


Pat O’bryan…World Famous Author & Internet Marketing Guru

This is the guy who truly got me going.

To pursue a life, based in spirituality, I knew it would be important to build a foundation for financial freedom & flexibility.

His book, "The Portable Empire", set me firmly on the fast track to accomplishing this.

Pat created a community forum called MilagroWorld, & lucky me, I was one of the first invited to join.

It is a wonderful community with some truly amazing people. We have it all at MilagroWorld, deep spiritual insights, a whole lot of fun & friendships, and a cast of characters that bring to the table all that we need in terms of: tools, technology, guidance and education to get our business ventures up & running.

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